DISA’s electronic document management system DISAWorks.

DISA is committed to providing employee screening services that are designed and delivered using the most superior technology available today. In no other area is this more apparent than in our IT solutions, especially in our online management system, DISAWorks®. This one-of-a-kind application is an invaluable online program management tool used to manage and track confidential employee information.

DISAWorks is a consolidated system that is fully scalable, highly secure and extremely efficient. With this powerful system, you will receive immediate access to your employee test results, background screening reports, online safety training modules, occupational health reports, detailed compliance and statistical reports and much, much more.

This proprietary system has advanced capabilities and is managed by our on-site staff of IT professionals. It was designed with highly progressive, yet user-friendly, functionalities and can be customized to meet individual client specifications.

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