Local commercial carriers driving on a highway.

100 Mile Application

Allow your “local” drivers the ease of simply logging into our 100 Air-Mile Exempt Driver Application from any PC or mobile device to record and audit their daily information. Our sophisticated, yet simple, compliance tool will keep track of all your exempt drivers’ start and end times, daily totals, off logs, and “Grid Log Required” violation alerts per all requirements of Part 395.1 (e).

  • Allow for complete fleet visibility by incorporating your paper, e-log, or 100-mile exempt drivers under a single reporting system
  • The application website is optimized for use on any PC or mobile devices (Android and iOS platforms)
  • Exempt drivers can submit their daily times anytime, anywhere
  • If total hours or any other exempt status requirement is not met for the day, drivers are instantly alerted to requirement for submitting a daily grid log
  • Administrators can pull and export summary reports to view any and all “Grid Log Required” violations, total on duty hours for any date range, off logs, and/or missing entry dates
  • Application is fitted with a five minute security logout for precautionary/privacy measures
  • Exempt driver data is maintained and stored for six months for easy reference and retrieval in the event of a DOT audit

Download a 100 Air-Mile Exempt Driver Application sales sheet