An employee reviewing a paper log for HOS violations.

Paper Logs

DISA offers log auditing services that reduce your risk of Hours of Service driver violations, fines, OOS orders, and high CSA scores by continuously identifying non-compliance from your drivers logs. With our Hours of Service driver log auditing and falsification reporting, you’ll enjoy:

  • Accurate log audits that embody all current rules and regulations within U.S., Canadian, oil field, even intrastate operations
  • Complete visibility of your entire fleet – View breakdowns by region, terminal, and/or individual driver (whether on EOBRs or paper logs)
  • Custom reporting that allows you to sort, rank, and summarize your violations for pinpointing specific problem areas
  • Log falsification checks against any data registered with a date/time stamp (GPS, fuel transactions, tolls, inspections, accidents, cell phone usage, etc.)
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time – See your logs posted to our online reporting site soon after we receive them electronically or by mail
  • Login and passwords that enable full or limited access to your data (per your administrative hierarchy)
  • Action Tools – Automated Driver Violation and Congratulatory Letters that increase awareness, accountability, and compliance within your fleet

Download a HOS Driver Log Auditing Services data sheet

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