The DISA Difference

Better, Faster, Smarter Drug Testing

DISA combines technology and screening innovations to deliver employee information quickly and accurately. DISA is SOC-2 compliant ensuring security, availability, and confidentiality. We specialize in giving employers the tools and information they need to make the most informed hiring decisions possible. 

With DISA, employers can manage all their hiring and employee screening requirements under one comprehensive service umbrella. Regardless of their industry or unique policy requirements, DISA’s solutions make it easier for employers to hire the right people for the job and to manage their business more efficiently. 

The DISA Difference

Elevated Standards

DISA sets our standards higher than industry requirements, ensuring a constant evolution of drug types and testing methodologies, and expanding our testing ranges whenever possible. We help our clients outpace their competition by eliminating potential issues before they adversely impact business.

Advanced Science

Behind each of our services is the work of skilled data providers, like Psychemedics for industry-leading hair testing, OraSure for oral fluid testing, and multiple SAMHSA certified partners for urine-based drug and alcohol analysis including CRLAlere, and Quest Diagnostics. Cutting-edge methodologies allow us to utilize the latest technology making collecting and sharing information more efficient and effective. 

Proprietary Online Management System

DISA’s program and services are fully automated and managed through our proprietary online platform, a web-based management system. 

Consolidated Employee Screen Capabilities

Our standardized policies help contractors gain access to sites without the hassle of redundant testing. 

Complete Solutions for Drug & Alcohol Testing

For more than 30 years, DISA has pioneered the drug testing industry with innovative testing methodologies and solutions that allow our customers to stay ahead of the trends. Our industry experts have the resources and knowledge you need to meet your industry needs or requirements for drug testing solutions. 

What’s Available:

  • Complete Chain of Custody Management
  • Expert Laboratory Analysis
  • Online Scheduling, Tracking, and Reporting
  • Electronic Ordering Capabilities (eCCF)
  • Extensive Collection Site Network
  • Random Pool Management
  • Compliance and Audit Assistance
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services
  • Policy Assistance and Management


  • Urine Testing
  • Hair Testing
  • Oral Fluid Testing
  • Alcohol Testing

Types of Testing:

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • 24/7 Post-Accident Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  • Return-To-Duty and Follow-Up Screening
  • On-Site Testing
  • Wall to Wall

Leveraging Technology for More Informed Decisions

DISA’s program and services are managed through DISAWorks®, our web-based management system, which is a powerful compliance reporting and information management tool. This one-of-a-kind application is an invaluable online program management tool used to manage and track confidential employee information.

Our web-based management system’s advanced functionality has been developed and customized to meet the requirements of our unique and diverse client base and is SOC-2 compliant to ensure security and confidentiality. It gives each client the ability to track and manage sensitive program information in a highly secure, real-time environment with the convenience of online access. 

DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC)

The DISA Contractors Consortium (DCC) is the leading contractor management solution, utilizing innovative processes and systems to manage and track compliance on both the company and employee level. The efficiencies raised through this proprietary process save time and money, eliminate job-hopping, and reduce safety issues at our customers’ facilities and worksites.

Six safety sensitive industries participate in the DCC:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refining, Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Medical

DISA is Focused on Constantly Improving the Client Experience

In 2017, DISA was voted the #1 most recognized TPA brand in a SAPAA survey, and University Services was voted the #1 most recognized MRO brand for the second year in a row. As DISA continues to be recognized as an industry thought leader, we are committed to becoming a resource for our clients to gain industry knowledge, learn about new trends, and stay up-to-date on the latest regulations. These are just some of the way’s DISA is continually improving our client experience:

  • Applicant Tracking System Integrations: DISA is committed to helping make our clients’ lives easier whenever possible. As part of that commitment, DISA has integrated with iCIMS and ApplicantStack to create a more seamless process of managing your rosters. This also reduces redundant login-processes and can simplify your workflows.
  • Expanded Geographic Reach: DISA acquired 5 new companies in 2017 that allow us to strengthen our client offerings and capabilities in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Gulf Coast Regions. DISA has also been accepted or mandated by more than 250 industrial owners in the U.S. This means your employees have a simplified process for drug testing & background checks while resulting in wider access to facilities.
  • Customer Support Team Growth: DISA has more than doubled the size of the sales support & customer service teams in 2017. These additions lead to reduced wait times and provide more points of access for clients as our focus continues to be on ways to increase client satisfaction.
  • Successful Implementation of New Policies: Every year DISA helps clients understand and meet a host of new regulatory and policy changes. In 2017, DISA oversaw policy implementations for new regulatory changes that affected NASAP, DOT, HHS, and PHMSA clients. DISA continues to be a leading provider of regulatory analysis and ongoing communication of how upcoming changes affect our clients.
  • Paperless Initiatives: DISA is committed to developing solutions to make the complex screening process quicker, easier, and more efficient. Our clients are afforded the ease and efficiency of electronic Custody and Control Forms and electronic Consent Forms.
  • Background Applicant Order Entry Capabilities: DISA’s comprehensive line of background screening searches streamline the screening process helping customers hire the right employees for their company.

For more than 30 years, DISA has been a provider of workplace safety and compliance services

To find out how DISA can help you make informed staffing decisions, and implement industry-leading methodologies contact us at 281-673-2530.