D3 Service Overview

Monitoring Your Compliance for Peace of Mind

D3 is a web-based platform that partners can utilize to monitor compliance for a variety of services. Designed with the entertainment production lifestyle in mind, D3 features accessibility and flexibility that allows employers to efficiently manage compliance during productions. Additionally, partners can use the chat feature to quickly communicate with our subject matter experts.   

 Services include:  

  • Driver Qualification (DQ) Files  
  • Previous Employer Inquiries  
  • Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)  
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing  
  • Hours of Service (HOS)  

Each service within D3 can be customized to restrict or allow different access levels to individuals based on the company’s preference and discretion. Considered a one-stop-shop, clients can log in and track the status of items as they are reflected in real-time.  

Along with ease and manageability, D3 helps to highlight and clarify important updates and changes to FMCSA regulations helping to keep employers, and their drivers informed to prevent disruptions in day-to-day tasks and production schedulesOnce logged in, you’ll find simplified and thorough explanations of the latest HOS Electronic Logging Device (ELD) exemption, as well as the Clearinghouse exemption. This federally accepted Clearinghouse exemption is specific to companies who partner with DECS!

DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) web-based platform makes it easier to efficiently manage and maintain compliance regulations within the entertainment industry. If you need assistance in managing compliance, contact DECS at 818-792-4135.