FLEET Service Overview

Keep Vehicle Assets Compliant with FLEET

DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) provides customized products and services to help you remain in compliance with state and DOT regulations. DECS’ vehicle maintenance tracking system, called FLEET, stores and manageall of the documentation required for maintenance files for our partners. Convenient and easy to use, FLEET closes the DOT compliance gap by including vehicle assets all under one system for Designated Employee Representatives (DERs) to accessAdditionally, FLEET creates assurance that all documentation is present and tracked in the event of an audit. Whether you have 100 vehicles, or only a few, FLEET is a powerful tool that offerpeace of mind that your vehicle compliance is being taken care of. 

FLEET’s Benefits Include:   

  • Comprehensive vehicle asset list 
  • Required critical document alerts 
  • 24/7 expiration dates monitoring 
  • Smart and innovative asset and client data management 
  • Continued monitoring of maintenance files and accident data 
  • 100% audit support 
  • Global, constituent, and custom reports 
  • Web-based accessibility anytime, anywhere 

DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) provides innovative solutions to help you maintain state and DOT compliance. For more information, contact 818-792-4135.