History of MPCS

An Entertainment Industry Leader

In July 2008, MPCS was founded by Max Johnson and Audrey Conrad, both experienced Hollywood Teamsters, to provide excellent standardized protocols for Hours of Service (HOS) to the 12,000 industry drivers across the United States who traditionally move between productions.  Over time, MPCS expanded its services to offer Driver Qualification (DQ), drug and alcohol testing, and Previous Employment Investigation (PEI) management. Having a comprehensive portfolio drove MPCS to the top, quickly becoming the number one entertainment industry DOT compliance leader in the U.S.  

Motion Picture Compliance Solutions (MPCS) was designed to help address the many growing concerns the entertainment industry faced with DOT compliance. For many years, the entertainment industry failed to take DOT compliance seriously and adjust to managing state and federal regulations, resulting in violations from the FMCSA and their respective state partners. This led to companies taking matters into their own hands, addressing mandatory compliance separately, and even developing their own departments to handle the subject matter. Local Teamster Unions demanded that studios work together on standardizing protocols to reduce the inconsistency that this quickly created. 

After years of providing comprehensive compliance solutions, DISA Global Solutions acquired MPCS on April 1, 2019, combining best practices and areas of expertise to further expand DISA’s presence on the West Coast. Under the DISA family, MPCS underwent a rebranding process to become DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS), further enhancing our depth and expertise and increasing our scope of services.  

DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) provides comprehensive solutions to help you maintain compliance. To find out more about our services, contact 818-792-4135.