MAPP Service Overview

Simplifying DOT Compliance for Drivers

MAPP is DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions’ (DECS) digital approach to simplifying the DOT compliance process for drivers in the entertainment industry. Drivers can log in, complete their driver qualification application (MAPPlication) quickly and with ease on a personalized and secure platform. MAPP walks you through the process, helping to answer any questions along the way and eliminates redundancy. Storing driver’s information eases the application process, especially when hopping from employer to employer, which is common within the industry. MAPP is an ever-evolving application with ongoing additions to meet our partner’s drivers’ needs. Additionally, MAPP’s chat feature is a helpful tool to get immediate assistance when completing the application process.  

MAPP consists of three primary services:   


With MAPPlications, driver qualification forms require only review and approval of pre-filled digital data. Drivers can then electronically sign all required DOT documents via MAPP’s easy-to-use, integrated DocuSign utility. It also allows drivers to provide their employers with an image of their driver’s license, medical examiner’s certificate, and entry-level driver training certificate right from their mobile devices. The completion of a MAPPlication takes anywhere from a few seconds to just a few minutes from start to finish.  


This utility affords drivers the option to complete a 7-Day Recap in a matter of seconds. The drivers are presented with their own previous Hours of Service (HOS), eliminating errors and increasing compliance accuracy. 

Launched in Fall 2020, this utility is DECS' latest element in the MAPP portfolio. It allows drivers to scan in their paper logs to their production, where their supervisor can either approve or reject in accordance with regulations and policies. Supervisors can review, request corrections, and submit their driver’s logs to DECS for audit and retention. 

Contactless Capabilities

MAPPrecap and MAPPscan minimize contact, which is especially important while conducting business during the pandemic. Drivers can do almost everything from their handheld device while also communicating with their DOT administratorsAs a mobile applicationMAPP expedites turnaround time by acting as a major portal to view policies and procedures according to the driver’s employer, and for reviewing, completing, and submitting any required compliance documents.  

To learn more about DISA Entertainment Compliance Solutions (DECS) contactless services and mobile application assistance, call 818-792-4135.