Injury Care

Provide Proper Injury Care with DISA's Occupational Health Care Professionals

Accidents can happen, and when there’s an injury on the job, DISA has the occupational health care professionals to help your employees get the medical care they need. The success of your company depends on the health and wellbeing of your employees, especially with safety-sensitive positions.When an employee suffers from a work-related injury, employers should make it a priority to ensure they recover safely and get the care they need to properly return to work.  

Work-related injuries can be damaging to a company if not addressed. Creating an injury care program is essential to ensuring your employees receive the care they need. A comprehensive injury care program should include:

  • A designated occupational health care provider, such as DISA.
  • Prepare your staff for work injuries with adequate training and education
  • Designate a team of individuals responsible for documenting injuries and authorizing proper treatments and care.
  • Educate your employees about the program so that they understand their rights and procedures if an injury occurs.

What Happens When an Injury Occurs?

DISA’s medical providers (physicians/nurse practitioners/physician assistants) and other licensed health care professionals are trained to address and administer injury care and management specific to each individual case. Since cases can vary greatly, the PLHCP will decide what care is needed, including surgeries, physicals, drug and alcohol testing, etc. Depending on the industry, some programs require a drug and/or alcohol test to be administered to determine if the employee was under the influence when the injury occurred, possibly causing the injury itself. DISA’s injury care also includes:

  • Connections with affiliated specialists
  • Extensive knowledge of OSHA
  • Knowledge of compliance and government-regulated injury care procedures, such as the DOT
  • After-hours injury care advice
  • Company-specific protocols

Providing injury care comes with many benefits helping to lower health care costs and prevent litigation. In addition, it increases employees’ return-to-work completed programs, helping them to get back to their job after receiving a full treatment plan, thus decreasing employee turnover. A comprehensive injury care program will also help employers steer clear of fines and fees or OSHA violations.

If you need help with addressing a workplace injury or developing a program that works for your company, contact DISA at 281-673-2530.