MRO Services

DISA's MRO Services Ensure Accuracy and Compliance

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician, with special training, responsible for reviewing lab test results from an employer’s drug testing program. The MRO must have knowledge about the pharmacology and toxicology of prescription and illicit drugs, as well as federal agency drug-testing regulations and guidelines. The MRO’s primary duty is to monitor and determine lab test results, including medical explanations for laboratory-confirmed positives, adulterated, substituted, and invalid drug test results. Additionally, they must ensure the timeliness and accuracy of drug test results to the employer while maintaining the utmost confidentiality 

The MRO's Role in the Specimen Testing Process

When determining drug test results, the MRO is vital to the completion of the specimen process. From start to finish, the DISA specimen testing process is outlined as such:

1. Collection Site Test

The donor provides a specimen at a collection site, which then follows applicable protocols before sending the specimen with the lab’s copy of the Custody and Control Form (CCF) to the lab for testing. The MRO will also receive a copy of the CCF at this time.

2. Lab Processes Specimen

Testing will be conducted once the specimen is received by the lab. The results are then sent to the MRO for review.

3. CCF

Once the CCF is received, the donor’s name, chain of custody number, and identification number are linked and get entered into our proprietary online platform.

4. Review Results

Lab results are received electronically and will be entered into the system using the chain of custody number, linking the lab results with the donor’s information automatically.

5. MRO Interview

If lab results return as a non-negative, the MRO will review them and give the donor an opportunity to discuss their results.

6. Report Results

If the results are negative, they will automatically be entered into the system. Positive results will require the MRO to interview the donor and discuss before the final report is distributed to the company.

The MRO process creates an opportunity for donors who are prescribed a medication that could result in a non-negative result to provide a valid prescription or legitimate explanation for the results. The MRO process prevents wrongful accusations and further protects both the employer and donor from potential litigation.

DISA provides professional MRO services and can help you ensure the accuracy of your company’s drug testing program. For more information, contact DISA today at 281-637-2530.