On-Site Medical Nursing Staff

Employee Medical Care at Your Convenience

DISA offers on-site medical services and medical staff at your convenience. Our onsite medical staff can arrive at your place of employment, staying as long as necessary for your healthcare needs. On-site clinics prevent an interruption in workflow by providing the medical care you need without having to take your employees off-site. The convenience and ease of an on-site medical staff lowers absentee rates and disability claims and reduces work-related injuries and healthcare costs. By implementing an on-site medical clinic, it’s easier to remain compliant by having all the necessities at your fingertips and around the clock.  

DISA’s on-site medical staff services include:

  • Injury and illness care
  • Bloodwork
  • Drug testing
  • Physicals
  • Workers compensation claims
  • After-hours call services
  • Disability claims
  • Emergency and non-emergency medical care
  • Tracking and maintenance all medical supplies
  • Education/training
  • Vaccinations
  • Preventative care
  • Return to work programs
  • Respirator fit testing

Preventative Measures

Employees are more likely to seek out help from a nurse or occupational health care provider if they’re conveniently located on-site. This helps in promoting good health and preventative care. Additionally, DISA’s medical providers (physicians/nurse practitioners/physician assistants) and other licensed health care professionals are trained to assist with other health or work-related concerns, including substance abuse and psychological support.

Environmental Factors

For safety-sensitive workplaces, an on-site medical staff is vital to getting your employees the medical care they need in a moment’s notice, especially when working in environments that can lead to exposures or hazards. With an on-site medical professional in the building, they’re more familiar with the work environment themselves and are better able to address what could be causing a health issue or injury, providing more comprehensive care to your employees.


Compliance can vary by the industry and if the company operates under federally mandated programs. DISA’s PLHCPs are qualified to help employers meet and maintain occupational health compliance according to their programs. Our professionals can assist you with maintaining compliance under state/federal regulations, OSHA laws, FMLA, and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

If you are in need of on-site services and want to enhance your medical staff and service options, contact DISA today at 281-637-2530.